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The Twelve Simple Men Who Became The Apostles

January 11th, 2018 by Egbert F Bhatty

Gospel Christianity / Jesus’ Christianity — Christianity as Preached And Practiced By Our Lord Jesus Christ, And Recorded In Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John.

Church Christianity — Christianity As Taught By Catholic, Protestant, And Evangelical Churches, And Recorded In Their Separate Catechisms.

The Twelve simple men who became The Apostles were — 

Peter [Matthew 10:2] a fisherman, 

Andrew [Matthew 10:2], Peter’s brother, also a fisherman, 

James Zebedee [Matthew 10:2] a fisherman, 

John Zebedee [Mathew 10:2], James’ brother, also a fisherman, 

Philip [Matthew 10:3], a fisherman,

Bartholomew [Nathanael?] [Matthew 10:3], a farmer,

Thomas [Matthew 10:3], a fisherman,

Matthew [Matthew 10:3], a tax collector, also the Gospel writer, 

James Alphaeus [Matthew 10:3], a fisherman, 

Thaddeus [Matthew 10:3], Jesus’ half-brother, a carpenter,

Simon the Canaanite [Matthew 10:4], a scholar of the Law,

Judas Iscariot [Matthew 10:4], an accountant.

All of them were Disciples first; and, were later, appointed The Apostles.

Matthew records this appointment in February AD 27 [Reese p1305].

Mark in April AD 27 [Reese p1281].

Luke in April AD 27 [Reese p1282].

John in February AD 25 [Reese p1264] — John explicates the Deity of Jesus, and, therefore, does not record Jesus’ Life and Work in the way The Synoptics do.  Though he does record, in a way very different from The Synoptics, the appointment of Andrew [John 1:40], his brother Peter [John 1:42], Philip [John 1:43], and Nathanael [Bartholomew?] [John 1:47]

The reason for the difference in the appointment dates in The Synoptics and John is that The Synoptics are descriptive, while John is reflective.  And, this different point of view leads to a different arrangement and presentation of the events in Jesus’ life.

Reese, Edward.  The Reese Chronological Bible.  Minnesota.  Bethany House. 1977.  Print.

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