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Why Jesus Rejected The Church As The Vehicle For Ministry

January 7th, 2018 by Egbert F Bhatty

Gospel Christianity / Jesus’ Christianity — Christianity as Preached And Practiced By Our Lord Jesus Christ, And Recorded In Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John.

Church Christianity — Christianity As Taught By Catholic, Protestant, And Evangelical Churches, And Recorded In Their Separate Catechisms.

There are two parts to Jesus’ Ministry.  Work; and, Worship.  

The Church does the Worship part of Ministry well.  One has to only look at the panoply of the Catholic con-celebrated Mass.  Or, the majesty of a Service at Westminster.  Or, the theatrical liturgy at Joel Osteen’s 16,800-seat Lakewood Church in Houston.  

But, The Church does not do Work well.  The Church does not Serve well.  

Yet, for Jesus, Service is the essence of His Gospel Message.  

He Served more, and Preached The Sacred less.  

Worshiped a little, but, was more into Serving people — transforming, healing, feeding, raising, calming, restoring.  

He knew, from the example of The Temple, that The Church would squat in place — in Palaces, in Chanceries, in Megachurches.  And, not move.  

Not move to be among people.  

Rather, sit in place — and require people to come to it — come to The Church, come to the Rectories.  The Church would not go out to Serve; rather, expected to be Served.  

Jesus’ worst fears have come true.  

After 2000 years, the World is only one-third Christian.  

Fast forward to August 25, 2017.  Hurricane Harvey deluged Houston.  But, Joel Osteen’s huge Lakewood Church turned away flood victims in need of food and shelter.  As Kirkland An has noted — Joel Osteen turned away — refused to Serve — “just the type of people that Jesus told his Disciples to look out for.”[1]  

But, Joel Osteen is hardly the last Christian hypocrite.  The man whom The Catholic Church says Jesus appointed to head His Church — The Pope — is no better.  

His Holiness was elected in March 2013.  In July, he visited Italy’s migrant island of Lampedusa.  Said Mass.  Made the appropriate noises.  Went back home — to Rome.  Having done not a thing to Serve the helpless.  A lack of Service by His Holiness that continues till today.  

But, it isn’t only The Catholic Church and The Evangelical Protestant Church that have refused to Serve, as Jesus Served; so, also, The Mainline Protestant Church.  

Nothing noteworthy done by the Lutherans and Anglicans and other Mainline Protestant Churches.  

Why is The Church so bad at Ministry?  [Parenthetically, The Church is not good at Mission, either.]  

Because it separates Work from Worship; Service from The Sacred.  

For Jesus, Service and The Sacred flowed rightly into one another.  Work, in Jesus’ eyes, and life, — is Worship.[2]  

And, since The Church, being an Organization, will never grasp this firm and binding and enduring connection of Service as the essence of The Sacred — Jesus rejected The Church as the vehicle for His Ministry.

Jesus did not build, or found, or institute, a Church during his 33 years of Ministry on Earth.

[1] An, Kirkland. “Even If Joel Osteen Did The Right Thing, He Lost A Chance To Teach Christianity.” USA Today 2 Sept 2017: Print.

[2] Attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, also.

Egbert F “Burt” Bhatty has worked 30 years as an Analyst at the American Embassy, New Delhi, and at British [Dunlop] and American [Chase Manhattan] multinationals.  He is a Certified Catechist. Holds a 3-year [part time] Certificate in Foundations For Christian Ministry. 

Material published in, unless specifically noted, may be used freely for non-commercial purposes.  Attribution, though not required, will be greatly appreciated.  “…..freely ye have received, freely give.”  [Matthew 10:8 KJV — King James Version]

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