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Jesus Rejected The Church, Chose Twelve Simple People, As The Vehicle For His Ministry

January 9th, 2018 by Egbert F Bhatty

Gospel Christianity / Jesus’ Christianity — Christianity as Preached And Practiced By Our Lord Jesus Christ, And Recorded In Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John.

Church Christianity — Christianity As Taught By Catholic, Protestant, And Evangelical Churches, And Recorded In Their Separate Catechisms.

Jesus rejected The Church as the vehicle for His Ministry.  

In fact, He considered The Church as so harmful to Gospel Ministry that He did not establish —

An Ecclesial Organization.  

Or, build a Building.  

Or, create a Congregation.  

Or, even, devise a Mass or Prayer Service.  

Instead, He used Twelve simple people — no Divinity degrees — no Theological training — to Teach The Gospel Message.  

They are, collectively, identified as Fishermen.  

But, in fact, only eight of The Twelve were Fishermen.  

The other four had varying occupations.  As Farmer, Tax Collector, Carpenter, Scholar.  

So, there we have it!  

No Popes, no Cardinals, no Bishops, no Priests, — for Jesus.  Just Twelve simple people to Spread The Good News.    

Egbert F “Burt” Bhatty has worked 30 years as an Analyst at the American Embassy, New Delhi, and at British [Dunlop] and American [Chase Manhattan] multinationals.  He is a Certified Catechist. Holds a 3-year [part time] Certificate in Foundations For Christian Ministry. 

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