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Egbert F Bhatty

Egbert F Bhatty

Egbert F [Burt] Bhatty was born in Lahore, the Pearl of the Punjab. At age eight the family moved to New Delhi, after the Partition of Undivided India into India and Pakistan.

Educated at St Columba’s High School, New Delhi, a Catholic school.

Undergraduate degree [BA Honors Economics] from St Stephen’s College, a Protestant institution.

Graduate degree [MA Economics] from the University of Delhi / St Stephen’s College.

MBA at Aston Management Center, Birmingham, England.

Worked at the American Embassy, New Delhi, as a Political-Economic Analyst.

Worked at Dunlop, the British manufacturing multinational, as Planning Manager for the Tire Division, at Calcutta, the largest such tire manufacturing facility in the world.

Worked at Vikrant Tires, an Indian tire manufacturing corporation, as Deputy Director Administration, at Mysore, with responsibilities for Personnel, Purchasing, Computer Systems, and Production / Market Planning. Attended Board Meetings with the Works Director.

Worked at The Chase Manhattan Bank, the American financial multinational, in New York, as Internal Consultant, Quality Control Specialist, Financial Controller, Re-engineering Project Manager, and, finally, Merger Coordinator. Expedited the Check Processing Division merger of Manufacturers Hanover Trust and Chemical Bank, and, then, the merger of Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank.

Took early retirement from Bank to pursue interest in the Gospels and explore the work-and-worship nexus. Completed Certification as Catechist. Completed 3-year Certificate Course in Foundations for Christian Ministry.

Loves to read murder mysteries and spy thrillers and watch such movies evenings with his wife.