Analysis, Commentary, Opinion. Without Fear Or Favor.

About Us

Christianity 21st Century is a Christian website / blog. Its purpose is a critical examination of Christianity. Without fear or favor. Christianity 21st Century will evaluate Christian institutions, ideas, and individuals, in the light of Jesus’ teaching as recorded in The Gospels – the Gospels, alone.

 For, that is where Jesus lives and breathes and has His being. All else, The Old Testament, The Epistles, is mere commentary. The Gospels provide a clear pathway for Life in our times. An independent pathway. Independent of the bromides and banalities of the Left and the Right.

 A Christian way. A Christ-like way. The pathway of Christian Love. Of Community+Sharing. See Luke/Acts 2:41-47 and Luke/Acts 4:32-37. Is Jesus Christ’s Christianity – Christianity as practiced by Our Lord during His time on earth — relevant to 21st Century life?

 Christianity 21st Century will show that not only is Jesus’ Christianity [5 BC through AD 30 Reese chronology] relevant to our times, but, is our only hope for material security and spiritual salvation. At a time when Communism has died, Socialism is about to fizzle, and Capitalism is failing – Christianity is the answer.

 The only answer.
To all our problems.
Social, economic, political, military, religious. This is not an idle boast by the Christian Editor of this website / blog. Or, an idealistic point of view expressed by an adoring Believer. The fact is that Our Lord Jesus Christ had clear and specific solutions to all the problems and issues that bedevil our Life and our lives. They’re right there. In The Gospels. In Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. So, why are these Christian solutions not in evidence? Because The Christian Church has failed to, first, acknowledge these solutions; and, then, to advance them in the public square. But, mostly because The Christian Church has cast aside Christ’s teachings, and substituted its own rules.

 Love has been replaced by Legalism. The Individual by the Institution. Community by The Church.
“…..had all things common…..” by Private Property. Compassion by Condemnation.
All of which practices, and others not listed here, have, sadly, twisted 21st century Christianity — away from Service, as Our Lord Jesus Christ conceived Christianity to be, and turned it into a Business.
No critical examination is ever welcome. The Christian Church certainly will not applaud, or accept, what Christianity 21st Century has to say.

But, it’s time to bring Our Lord Jesus Christ to the center of our lives.It’s time to destroy the theological illusions – the false teachings, the false beliefs, the false doctrines – that The Christian Church has propagated these 2000 years.